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My handbag business evolved from my years in the NY Fashion industry. I am very lucky to have worked in an industry where I could spend many years traveling to the fashion capitals of the world.

In the US I was fascinated by the shops that sewed my products, the machinery they used to spin yarn or create lace and the giant washing machines that created those soft denim jeans. I enjoyed pattern making, cutting and sewing in our fit sessions.

But, my first love has always been handbags. I love the smell of the leather, the suppleness of it and the way I can mold it to a shape I love. I also enjoy creating my own colors and patterns with the tanneries I work with in the US and Europe. In the fall, I work with wool and leathers together and in the summer, raffia and leather. 

Please take a look at my bags, they are soft and plush, but also functional. I enjoy fitting my bags on REAL women and getting feedback from my ultimate customers, YOU!

A memorable meal starts with the best ingredients, I use the finest leathers from Italy, Germany, Colombia and the US. My fabrics, linings and hardware are top of the line.  I handpick every leather, fabric and hardware. Please enter and enjoy my site.

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